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  • How Can I Order? by adding the products you choose from our address to the basket and number 0 (216) 343 84 48 You can place your orders by contacting our WhatsApp account.
  • How can I contact you?
    With us, 0 (216) 343 84 48 WhatsApp line and You can reach us by calling our business number on the same number.
  • From Which Platforms Can I Order?, 0 (216) 343 84 48 WhatsApp line, Yemeksepeti, You can order from Getir Yemek, Trendyol Yemek and Migros Yemek apps.
  • What does the FAQ Section do?
    FAQ section, "What are your shipping zones?", "What are your business hours?" or "How can I book a service appointment?" It can be used to answer common questions about your business, such as FAQs help your visitors navigate your site easily and can even improve your site's SEO.
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